Who is Patti Lyles?

Patti LylesPatti Lyles is an independent small-business owner dedicated to keeping the very best musicians and entertainers working. With a sense of pride and integrity, she strives to give all her clients more than they expect.

Remember the famous Coca Cola commercial, featuring the song I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing? That was Patti's first professional job. From age 12 to 18 she worked the "big musicals" in San Francisco. In her 20s she was having the time of her life working for the Disney Corporation. Motion picture voice-overs and major commercials came next. Headlining on cruise ships was a wonderful way to "see the world." Then coming back to perform three years in the shows at the Great America Theme Park. In the '80s she led one of the most popular local dance bands in the Bay area, Touch of Gold. She is considered to be one of the most versatile and dynamic vocalists around.

Here's what some San Francisco Bay-area musicians have to say about Patti:

"Every female vocalist I know wishes she could sing like her."

"You can't believe she sings just like Aretha Franklin one minute, then Celine Dion the next."

"When I saw her song book, I gasped, 'That's the biggest book I have ever seen, we could play for a week without stopping.'"

"Seeing her work so hard for her wedding clients makes me work harder for her. She never asks something of her musicians she wouldn't do herself."

"Bottom line, I wish she was in my band, not my competition."